Monday, November 13, 2006

First and foremost....HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH!!! Mommy can NOT believe you are 6 years old!! I wish I knew how and why time flys by so quickly!

We had a SUPER busy weekend! We drove up north to see the grandparents for Noahs birthday. He got soooo many presents(too many!!!) and we went to the bowling alley on Saturday! Here are some of my favorite pictures:

I just can't believe how fast 6 years have gone by! I am so grateful to have such a sweet happy healthy little guy! He amazes me everyday by his good, sweet nature and how VERY smart he is. Speaking of which...... we had conferences today for both of the kids! They both got high praise from the teachers! Noah's told us that he is reading higher then a 4th grade level and that she will be challenged by Noah to keep him interested this year but she will be doing reading with him on his level. They also have 25 words out of 300 that they are supossed to recognize by the end of Kindergarten and Noah knew 297 of them lol!!

Ciaara did really well also, the teacher said she is a pleasure to have!! She is going to see a speech therapist though, Ciaara is a little hard to understand sometimes. She talks really really fast (she gets that from me) Usually if you ask her to say the work one at a time she gets it right but when saying the sentence it runs together. I'm glad they are watching her and they say speech is soo easy to fix, especially when they are little.

I thought I'd share this picture of Ciaara also since I was talking about her and I think it is soooo cute! Thats all for now, I hope to get some scrapping in tomorrow and Wednesday and then I am helping in Ciaara's class on Thursday! Thanks for reading!


.jess. said...

wow, way to go Noah!!!! Trev knows about 5 words! LOL. What cute pics!!!!!!

Shannon Schafer said...

Awesome photos!!! Great news from the conference too!!! Happy Birthday Noah! :)

La- said...

Happy Birthday Noah!! Great photos! Sounds like a fun weekend.. and awesome reports for the kiddos on school!!!


Nicole said...

Big Happy Birthday to Noah!!
Such cute kiddos!:)

Jen said...

Happy B-day Noah!!!!!
Wonderful pictures!

Paula said...

Hope Noah had a wonderful day!:)

Dawn said...

Sorry I missed Noah's birthday chicky... hope it was a good one.

Last week was a complete blur - I didn't get to blog for a whole week and missed everyone dreadfully. Great news from the school Holly xx

Becky Heisler said...