Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I got the Blahs!

Do you ever just get the blahs? You don't feel overly happy or overly sad, you just feel blah? Thats how I feel right now. I am so sick of winter and I think that is part of the problem, I can't wait til I don't have to bundle the kids up for school, I can't wait until I can walk outside without a jacket. and did I tell its supossed to snow again? :sigh:

The kids have spring fever, they won't settle down in the house. They are just wild. I just soooo need for spring to come!!!

On a happier note, I found this Fiskars Punch at Target last weekend!! I have been waiting for it to come out and was soooo happy I found it!

And I already used it on a layout!!! Its a must have and I know people are having a hard time finding it :(

Anyways, I hope my week cheers up a little, and I hope you all have a wonderful week :D
Take care!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Worst Mom Award!

If there was such a thing as the worst mom award, I may have gotten it yesterday. Yesterday was a stressful day. lol I got the kids from school and they started fighting in the car on the way home (sigh). Well as the night went on they just would not settle down, between fighting and chasing each other all over the house and screaming and fighting I was at my wits end. So after asking them to stop what seemed like a hundred times I yelled at them and put them in a time out in their rooms.

Well Ciaara comes out and hands me this note: "I stil love you wen you yul" or I still love you when you yell in case you don't understand 5 year old spelling :) Could I have felt like a worse mom? I didn't let it show of course and explained that I love her when I yell and I love her when shes naughty but I'm trying to teach her the right way. (and how cute is that note and her spelling! lol)

On a lighter note here is my layout for Sketch This #46!

And a couple other layouts I've been meaning to share!
It was almost 50 degrees here yesterday and that felt WONDERFUL, I hope it stays warmer and we get rid of more snow!! I hope spring is peeking through!
Happy Wednesday, thanks for stopping by :D

Sunday, March 02, 2008


I spent the weekend scrapping with my friends at Scrapfreak. Scrapfreak celebrated their FIRST birthday with a BIRTHDAY BASH CROP! There was so many inspiring challenges and and games, I got all of this done:

This layout based on a sketch by Cherie at Sketches R Us:

A super cute album made out of a file folder!

A mini accordion album:

This cards challenge was for it to be interactive, so I made a shaker box out of the flower:

This card was based on a sketch by Tamara at Sketches! {by Tamara}:

This layout was to use the Freak Colors: Pink, Green, Black and Orange:

On top of these great projects inspired by Team Freak---I won at Bingo on Friday night and get to pick a paper line from the store AND I was also the GRAND PRIZE WINNER and won a 50 DOLLAR gift card to the Scrapfreak Store, I am SOOO EXCITED!!!
Thanks Monica and the rest of the girls at Scrapfreak---You all ROCK :D
PS..........if you haven't checked out Scrapfreak yet, stop on by and join in all the fun!!