Saturday, September 29, 2007


He's getting bigger! He's learning and the kids love him! I like him alot and look forward to the months ahead when he is fully potty trained (hes doing pretty good lately) and when he settles down a little. I just had to share this cute picture!

Monday, September 24, 2007


I am sooo excited, I send in layouts for the Sketch This! Design Team call and I got an email yesterday asking if I would be part of the team!! If you haven't checked out the site yet--do so!!! They have awesome awesome sketches and amazing girls making layouts off of the sketches! I've been a long time fan of the site and have used many many of the sketches for inspiration!

You can see the announcement HERE!!
Here are the layouts I submitted. Big Girls Don't Cry was from Sketch 2.
This one was from Sketch 3.

Thanks to the girls at SKETCH THIS! for this wonderful opportunity and I look forward to working with you all :D

Monday, September 17, 2007

*GASP* I didn't bring a camera!

Things I learned this weekend:

1. Don't tease a 6.5 year old that he is going on a rollercoaster or he will cry.
2. Don't be surprised that your 5 year old little girl is brave!
3. I'm not as young as I used to be.
4. I'm not as brave as I used to be.
5. Its okay to be afraid of heights.
6. I fear death by roller coster accidents more then I used to.
7. You can still have fun when you are scared.
8. Rollercoasters are still as fun as they used to be (once you get over that fear and try them)
9. Although I yell when the ride starts by the end I am laughing.
10. My daughter can't wait til she is tall enough to ride the biggest coaster!

We spent Saturday at ValleyFair, we had the most beautiful day! It was 65 and sunny with a breeze! Not to hot, or to cold. The kids behaved so well and enjoyed all the kids rides. They both got to go on one "rollercoaster" that is a family ride. They loved it. Noah was tall enough for all of them but was to scared to try.

Nope I didn't bring a camera, having to walk around with the kids all day in a busy amusement park I just didn't want one more thing to watch and carry!

It was a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Just a layout...

Just a layout to share.... I have done a little scrapping off and on the last couple weeks and I have a few more to take pictures of and upload. I bought these Rusty Pickle papers and Chipboard at ScrapFreak....LOVE it!! Things have been moving quickly here, I can't believe we are on the second week of school. The kids seem to be enjoying it. They get up pretty easy and get ready in the morning. I am having a hard time getting motivated while they are gone :( I miss them!

We are working hard on training the dog, its not going well! :( I know he is still a puppy so I'm trying to be patient. He is catching on to alot-- he knows where his treats are, he knows where his food bowl is when its up. If only he could catch on to the potty training....soon I hope! :)

I hope to scrap some more this week-- can you all force me to do so!!! :D

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

2 Big Kids....One SUPER SAD Mommy!!!!

Well its here.........the first day of school!! The kids got up fairly easy this morning I was relieved. Everything went smooth getting ready, we curled up Ciaara's hair, I wrote the check for lunches and I heard Nate open the doors on the van and take the kids out. I grabbed everything else I needed (my camera etc) and shut the door and walked out.

I took some pictures, the sand flies were terrible and the kids wanted to be done. I looked and Nate and said "you grabbed the keys right?" (after all I heard the van beep when he opened the doors of the van with the keys) and he said nope, I only opened the doors I didn't grab them. I thought he was kidding, he wasn't!!! So on the first day of school we are standing in the front yard locked out of the house and no keys for any vehicles. ARGH Ciaara started crying---Nate ran over to an automotive shop a block away to see if they by chance could open the door. They gave him a number for a locksmith an HOUR away!! Well we can't wait an hour on the first day of school----so Nate broke down the door!!! I pieced some of it back together and its working but we probably need to replace it soon.

Anyways, we got there on time thank goodness and I was a wreck. we brought Noah first and I felt so bad leaving him in a class with 2nd and 3rd graders. I know we made that choice to have him in this Spanish class but he just doesn't seem big enough to be in 1st grade. He seemed fine though, went and found his tennis shoe spot and his backback spot and said bye mom! I left him with tears in my eyes.....

I dreaded the ride out to Ciaara's school! We pulled in and parked and Ciaara just sat his her car seat and didn't want to come out. I finally got her to walk out and she walked in like a big girl we found her spot to hang her stuff and EVERYTHING in her class is labeled with her name and its ALL spelled wrong!! Ciaara noticed it and feels bad and it was so hetic I didn't tell the teacher, I will tomorrow or may even email her today. Ciaara stayed near me and I know she was nervous. She doesn't know many people in her class and I felt so bad leaving my baby there. I kissed her a couple times and left and cried the whole way home and off and on ever since.

Hugs to all you moms sending your babies off to school this fall!!