Thursday, December 27, 2007


Christmas came and went super fast as always! I had so much to get done before Christmas I didn't have time for blogging or being online much. I did get my annual calendars done, I'm not sure how, but they are done and with the grandparents. I didn't have time to take pictures of them though. :(

Here are a few pictures......

I hope you all had as good of a Christmas as I did! We all got way to much stuff and I got some money that is burning a hole in my pocket, I can hear shopping calling my name!!! lol
The kids are going to play at a friends today and I think I am going to head to work (at Nates store)and get caught up-- I'm not looking forward to that at all.
In case I don't make it back here, Happy New Year!!!! I wish you all health, happiness and a very blessed new year!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Winter Pictures!

For the most part I hate this time of year, its so cold! You have to warm up your vehicle for 2o minutes before you go anywhere, you have to be bundled up! YUCK and its only December, usually we don't get this cold til January and February. I hope I don't have 2 more months of this.....

Occasionally though winter can surprise you! Things were so pretty here the other day.

Here is the layout I did for Sketch This 37!! Between working (yep I am still working for DH) and Christmas stuff around here I'm not getting much done but I am thankful for these sketches to keep me on track!

Only 10 more days until ready are you?

Friday, December 07, 2007

Sketch This 36 and Some Snow!!!

Sketch This 36!! I am having so much fun scrapping from these sketches! I was a little stretched for time this week and worrying about getting a layout done but I did it! This layout is a 8x8 for my Christmas album, I have SO many pictures from last Christmas I haven't scrapped yet! Stop on by and try the sketch and let us see your layout! SNOW!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO I was so not ready for all the snow that has fallen this last week! I love years like last year with not much snow. Its just messy and shoveling is the worst! Its also been so cold, it hasn't been warmer then 20 in days! :(
Here is a quick picture of our tree, we put up all our Christmas stuff the weekend after Thanksgiving, The kids so love this time of year.

Also I haven't shared a picture of this guy in awhile---he is doing so well and I think I can say he is officially potty-trained! He is also starting to settle down a little and will just lay down and cuddle with us-- Its what we all have been waiting for!

Thanks for stopping by, have a great Friday!! :D

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Nate and some cards!

Happy Belated Birthday to my Dear Husband Nate! He turned 31 on Monday and caught up to me now!!! :) Here is a picture I took of him and Noah 2 weeks ago when they went hunting! Happy Birthday Honey!!
Things continue to be crazy busy here! I have so much going on I feel like I can't get anything done! I can't wait until Nates bookkeeper is back so I can stop "helping out" at the store. She had to have a second knee surgery and probably won't be back until the first of the year. Its just getting in the way of things I had planned and things I could have done. A friend asked me to run to Target with her the other morning and I had to say no :(
We had a very nice Thanksgiving weekend hanging out and seeing our families! I went shopping and got TONS done for Christmas!! We came home and put up our lights outside and put our tree up!
There was no sketch on Sketch This this week because of Thanksgiving and I didn't have much time for scrapping but I wanted to share these cards I did.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a wonderful week! :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sketch This 35 and Thanksgiving!

Here is my layout for Sketch This! #35-- it is such a great sketch! I had this layout done the night I got the sketch!! The title says.... 'Not your ordinary Smile'. Noah was/is still a little self-conscious about how he looks with out teeth-- ( I never knew boys would worry about such things) So I keep getting these silly smiles!
We are headed north for Thanksgiving so I won't be around all weekend. I know I have a TON of catching up to do on your blogs---this working everyday stuff is not good on my internet time ;)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Although this isn't our best of years, we still have so much to be Thankful for and I feel blessed!! Take care and have a blessed Holiday!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Noah!!!!!

Here is my sweet SEVEN year old boy today!! I can't believe how time flys!! I can't believe you are seven years old! Happy Birthday my sweet boy! I am sooo proud of the person you are, and the person you will grow up to be-- but some days I just want to cry and tell you to SLOW DOWN!!!

Have you checked out Sketch This today? Sketch #34 is live today and here is my layout for it:

Loved the sketch and love all the glitter on this page (you can't see it super good in the picture)

Last week was so busy here!! Between working for Nates store, and me getting strep ( I was miserable) to Noah's first sleepover! It was a busy Week! Instead of a birthday party Noah wanted his first sleepover. He had a wonderful time having a friend sleep over. We took the kids to the casino arcade and then to Pizza Hut. They stayed up til 11:00!!!

I also had a great time on Saturday meeting up with some scrappy friends---Sara, Jess, Becky and La. I had a great time scrapping and hanging out with you, hope we do it again soon!! :D

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Sketch This #33

Loved this weeks sketch!! I've had these pictures of Noah sitting on my desk for a couple weeks! I LOVE LOVE this paper in the Rockstar stack by DCVW!
I had a busy weekend, my mom surprised me by deciding to drive down and spend the night with me. I was so happy because Nate was out of town and I hate staying alone! I am still helping Nate out at the store, I got ALOT done today and should have fast day tomorrow! I am missing my scrapping though and have a lot to get done before Christmas.

Thats all for now, have a GREAT week. Don't forget to pop on over to SKETCH THIS and check out the sketch!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween and stuff

Happy Halloween (a day late)--Things have been crazy busy here. I have been helping Nate at the store and I forgot what its like to work and still have to take care of everything here. I am way behind on laundry, my house is a mess and we forgot what day it was! On October 30th I worked super late, got home put the kids to bed and realized it was Oct. 30-- and OMG we didn't even carve our pumpkin yet!!! I woke the kids up at 9:00 and had them carve a pumpkin. ARGH, I am a bad mom! I knew we wouldn't have time on Halloween day so it was our only chance and of course I didn't want to miss photo opportunities!

We had a nice Halloween day, We all go out trick or treating together. Every Halloween seems to get cold. It was warm (60's) the days before and of course Halloween comes and its 45 and windy! We also went to a Halloween party and didn't get home until after the kids bedtime--oh well aren't they cute:

Here is my layout for SKETCH THIS #32 Lovin using all these sketches, they are really helping me get some layouts done! Let me know if you use the sketch, I'd love to see your layout!

I am still helping Nate for the next couple of weeks probably but I'll try to be around a little more often, I miss hanging out at Freak and miss my online pals! :) Thanks for stopping by!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Yep I'm a bad blogger!

Hello, I know I am a bad blogger!! I had a busy week and weekend!! Went to a friends wedding that they put together fast, had supper out with a friend and his parents! We ran to the cities yesterday, went to church this morning and got to hear the kids sing for the first time in childrens choir!! SOOOOO CUTE!!!

First of all............did you check out Sketch This #31?? This is the layout I did for it!
Don't forget if you use a sketch for a layout to link to it so we can see! :)
After church I decided to scrap, the kids played outside for a bit. Nate watched the race/football and baseball so I had some time today while I was doing laundry!!
These are the layouts I got done:

Don't forget to check back for Sketch This 32 which will be up on Tuesday!!
I also know that a couple of you have tagged me.... I haven't forgotten like I said I've just been a bad blogger :( I will try to pop in on everyone tomorrow!

Monday, October 22, 2007

I'm 31 and I Scrapped!! :D

Well my birthday came and went (on Friday), I'm not sure how or why time flys by so fast. I remember like it was yesterday the day I turned 21! I had a great day with my mom and older sister Melissa shopping, having lunch and just hanging out. We got back to town and met Nate and the kids for supper, went home and opened another present from my mom and cuddled up the kids before we went out with some friends. That was fun, I was even dancing by the end of the night. Nate and the kids got me a movie and gave me some shopping money :D

Me my mom and sister at lunch:

The weekend flew by, but I did find some time for scrapping on Sunday and I was so happy about it! :) Seems like its been awhile since I just sat down and spent more then an hour or so being creative and on Sunday I scrapped pretty much all day! Here are my layouts I did:

There was a challenge at Scrapfreak to only use circles on a layout and I wanted to try with--this is what I came up with:
Both of these layouts (above and below) are inspired by some of Janelles sketches at Sketch This!! I was hitting a road block and went and looked through some sketches, love them!!
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you had a great weekend! :D

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sketch This #30

Here is my layout for Sketch This #30! I loved the sketch! (of course I love them all)I've had this Autumn Leaves flourishy paper for awhile and I've wanted to use it for so long! This picture is sooo cute but makes me so sad that Ciaara is a big girl now in all day Kindergarten!The Journaling reads: You are growing up to fast and I am having a hard time letting go.I need more time! I miss you now that you are in school all day.

This package came in the mail for me today!! My friend Shannon got all these for me and sent them my way!! :D I can't never find there around so she picks them up for me :D I was soooo excited!
Friday is my birthday, (argh turning 31!!!) my mom and sister are coming down to see me. We are headed to the cities for me to spend my birthday money!!
Thanks for stopping by! :)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Sketch This #29

Have you stopped by Sketch This! and checked out the new sketch? Click HERE and check it out! We all would love to see your layouts if you used the sketch! Here is mine: We had a super busy weekend and I caught cold on top of it! YUCK!! We will have a busy week too--I need to unpack, I am babysitting for a girlfriend tomorrow (hope I feel up for it) and my mom and sister are coming down on Thursday for my Birthday on Friday!

I will be back tomorrow to post my new layout for Sketch This #30 that will be up tomorrow! See you then! :D

Monday, October 08, 2007

For my neice.....

My neice Stephanie turns 10 on October 30!! I can't believe that, I remember sitting in the waiting room waiting for her to be born and holding her just minutes later. She is so sweet. I am sure I won't get to see her on her bday and we will be home next weekend for a wedding so I wanted to get this done for her now.

I left the pages blank for her to fill in and added some pictures for fun!!

Thanks for stopping by, Happy Monday!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

My first layout for SKETCH THIS! I was so excited when I got the sketch, I got right to work! I had a moment of freaking out wondering if I would do a good job, but I do really like my layout!

Catch of the Day
Check out the sketch and my layout over at Sketch This!

I also did a little scrapping this weekend....Ciaara pulled out her little scrapbook cart and scrapped with me. We had a pretty lazy weekend which was nice. This weekend we are headed to a Wild game and next weekend we will be up in Grand Rapids. Here are my layouts:

"Mommy my Hair looks like Auntie Jessie" I took the
picture before I did the journaling but I talked about
Ciaara making that cute observation and how she doesn't
know that her mommy's hair used to look like that too!

French Braid Thanks for stopping by, have a great week! :D

Saturday, September 29, 2007


He's getting bigger! He's learning and the kids love him! I like him alot and look forward to the months ahead when he is fully potty trained (hes doing pretty good lately) and when he settles down a little. I just had to share this cute picture!

Monday, September 24, 2007


I am sooo excited, I send in layouts for the Sketch This! Design Team call and I got an email yesterday asking if I would be part of the team!! If you haven't checked out the site yet--do so!!! They have awesome awesome sketches and amazing girls making layouts off of the sketches! I've been a long time fan of the site and have used many many of the sketches for inspiration!

You can see the announcement HERE!!
Here are the layouts I submitted. Big Girls Don't Cry was from Sketch 2.
This one was from Sketch 3.

Thanks to the girls at SKETCH THIS! for this wonderful opportunity and I look forward to working with you all :D

Monday, September 17, 2007

*GASP* I didn't bring a camera!

Things I learned this weekend:

1. Don't tease a 6.5 year old that he is going on a rollercoaster or he will cry.
2. Don't be surprised that your 5 year old little girl is brave!
3. I'm not as young as I used to be.
4. I'm not as brave as I used to be.
5. Its okay to be afraid of heights.
6. I fear death by roller coster accidents more then I used to.
7. You can still have fun when you are scared.
8. Rollercoasters are still as fun as they used to be (once you get over that fear and try them)
9. Although I yell when the ride starts by the end I am laughing.
10. My daughter can't wait til she is tall enough to ride the biggest coaster!

We spent Saturday at ValleyFair, we had the most beautiful day! It was 65 and sunny with a breeze! Not to hot, or to cold. The kids behaved so well and enjoyed all the kids rides. They both got to go on one "rollercoaster" that is a family ride. They loved it. Noah was tall enough for all of them but was to scared to try.

Nope I didn't bring a camera, having to walk around with the kids all day in a busy amusement park I just didn't want one more thing to watch and carry!

It was a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Just a layout...

Just a layout to share.... I have done a little scrapping off and on the last couple weeks and I have a few more to take pictures of and upload. I bought these Rusty Pickle papers and Chipboard at ScrapFreak....LOVE it!! Things have been moving quickly here, I can't believe we are on the second week of school. The kids seem to be enjoying it. They get up pretty easy and get ready in the morning. I am having a hard time getting motivated while they are gone :( I miss them!

We are working hard on training the dog, its not going well! :( I know he is still a puppy so I'm trying to be patient. He is catching on to alot-- he knows where his treats are, he knows where his food bowl is when its up. If only he could catch on to the potty training....soon I hope! :)

I hope to scrap some more this week-- can you all force me to do so!!! :D

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

2 Big Kids....One SUPER SAD Mommy!!!!

Well its here.........the first day of school!! The kids got up fairly easy this morning I was relieved. Everything went smooth getting ready, we curled up Ciaara's hair, I wrote the check for lunches and I heard Nate open the doors on the van and take the kids out. I grabbed everything else I needed (my camera etc) and shut the door and walked out.

I took some pictures, the sand flies were terrible and the kids wanted to be done. I looked and Nate and said "you grabbed the keys right?" (after all I heard the van beep when he opened the doors of the van with the keys) and he said nope, I only opened the doors I didn't grab them. I thought he was kidding, he wasn't!!! So on the first day of school we are standing in the front yard locked out of the house and no keys for any vehicles. ARGH Ciaara started crying---Nate ran over to an automotive shop a block away to see if they by chance could open the door. They gave him a number for a locksmith an HOUR away!! Well we can't wait an hour on the first day of school----so Nate broke down the door!!! I pieced some of it back together and its working but we probably need to replace it soon.

Anyways, we got there on time thank goodness and I was a wreck. we brought Noah first and I felt so bad leaving him in a class with 2nd and 3rd graders. I know we made that choice to have him in this Spanish class but he just doesn't seem big enough to be in 1st grade. He seemed fine though, went and found his tennis shoe spot and his backback spot and said bye mom! I left him with tears in my eyes.....

I dreaded the ride out to Ciaara's school! We pulled in and parked and Ciaara just sat his her car seat and didn't want to come out. I finally got her to walk out and she walked in like a big girl we found her spot to hang her stuff and EVERYTHING in her class is labeled with her name and its ALL spelled wrong!! Ciaara noticed it and feels bad and it was so hetic I didn't tell the teacher, I will tomorrow or may even email her today. Ciaara stayed near me and I know she was nervous. She doesn't know many people in her class and I felt so bad leaving my baby there. I kissed her a couple times and left and cried the whole way home and off and on ever since.

Hugs to all you moms sending your babies off to school this fall!!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Addition to the Family!!


Nooooo I'm not pregnant, but we do have another baby in the family!

This is Tiger Gordon Lane. His name has meaning for the kids (Papa Ron can you figure it out?) They both wanted a name that would remind them of their Grandma.
He is sweet and cute and cuddley and the kids love him. We just got him last night, I am having lack of sleep issues from being outside so much last night---ARGH once for 40 minutes at 3:00 but he hadn't pee'd since we got home so I knew I needed to wait him out! I think its Nates turn to get up tonight! :)
This week has been all about getting ready for school. The kids got new haircuts,I finished school shopping, I'm washing it all and getting it put away. I can't believe they start back to school in the fall and that I'm going to be kid free all day! I have tears just typing it, I don't want my kids to be this grown up already :( gotta run now, I'm all teary :(