Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I got the Blahs!

Do you ever just get the blahs? You don't feel overly happy or overly sad, you just feel blah? Thats how I feel right now. I am so sick of winter and I think that is part of the problem, I can't wait til I don't have to bundle the kids up for school, I can't wait until I can walk outside without a jacket. and did I tell its supossed to snow again? :sigh:

The kids have spring fever, they won't settle down in the house. They are just wild. I just soooo need for spring to come!!!

On a happier note, I found this Fiskars Punch at Target last weekend!! I have been waiting for it to come out and was soooo happy I found it!

And I already used it on a layout!!! Its a must have and I know people are having a hard time finding it :(

Anyways, I hope my week cheers up a little, and I hope you all have a wonderful week :D
Take care!!


Heredia Family/Yvie said...

I've been having the Blahs a lot too!!! I so want that punch!! Love the layout.

Lisa said...

How funny... my blog entry today was the same exact subject! Let's kick these winter blogs out the door!

Love your new punch and your layout is wonderful. I hope to find one of those punches some day!

Lala said...

I so feel you on the winter blahs! I am so ready for spring!!


Cindy aka HappyStamper said...

This winter is hanging on waaaay too long! When skies are gray so is my mood.

Suzy said...

I am having the Blah's too! {{{HUGS}}}

Love that punch. Great layouts!

scrapperjen said...

Hope you're feeling better. Very nice layout! Have fun with your punch.

Paula Sealey said...

Ooh, I know the blahs too, lol! Roll on summer:)

Love the look of your new punch!

bruinbr said...

great punch! I'm still on the look out for one! :)

Nicole said...

hoping the blahs are now behind you. winter this year just keeps trying to hang on.

i love the layout Holly, i've been looking for that punch everywhere.

jen said...

Ack...I NEED that! Target, here I come. My cousin was just telling me about the punch last weekend but I couldn't get the visual so, I didn't think about it again. Until I saw YOUR visual. YUm!