Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Worst Mom Award!

If there was such a thing as the worst mom award, I may have gotten it yesterday. Yesterday was a stressful day. lol I got the kids from school and they started fighting in the car on the way home (sigh). Well as the night went on they just would not settle down, between fighting and chasing each other all over the house and screaming and fighting I was at my wits end. So after asking them to stop what seemed like a hundred times I yelled at them and put them in a time out in their rooms.

Well Ciaara comes out and hands me this note: "I stil love you wen you yul" or I still love you when you yell in case you don't understand 5 year old spelling :) Could I have felt like a worse mom? I didn't let it show of course and explained that I love her when I yell and I love her when shes naughty but I'm trying to teach her the right way. (and how cute is that note and her spelling! lol)

On a lighter note here is my layout for Sketch This #46!

And a couple other layouts I've been meaning to share!
It was almost 50 degrees here yesterday and that felt WONDERFUL, I hope it stays warmer and we get rid of more snow!! I hope spring is peeking through!
Happy Wednesday, thanks for stopping by :D


Shayna Lou said...

OH MY GOODNESS - too cute on that note from the lil girl, how sweet is that? hahahaaa!

scrapperjen said...

OM goodness! That is too cute! Make sure you scrap it. I think we've all had those days...
Hope all is well with you - I miss chatting!
(you've been tagged)

scrapnnMO said...

Love the note from your dd to you! I get notes like that all the time from my ds! HUGS to you Holly! Yes we all have days like these! YOUR lo's are all so adorable and I love the designs, paper and sweet photo's on each! Great job! :)

bruinbr said...

OMG! That note is priceless! Don't worry though - everyone has those days!!! :) love the lo's too!

Nicole said...

That is the cutest!!!
I just love five year old spelling:) don't be too hard on yourself you are a good momma!

Love the layouts girl.

Cathy said...

That is the cutest note! I see a scrap page in the making!!

Becky Heisler said...

ahhh don't we all have days like that ? I yell more days then I don't it seems like these days! Keep your chin up Holls, your a good mommy!

Anonymous said...

that note is too cute!

Happy Easter!