Sunday, July 29, 2007

Our first week back home was okay. We are all adjusting to our loss and trying to figure out how our lives will change, we all know they will. We are turning to God because we know our lives are in his hands and want to have better relationship with him. Nate and I both believe in God, and teach the kids about God and Jesus and do many Sunday school lessons with them. We just haven't found a church here that feels like home to us..... there really isn't many options in our small town. But we are trying now, we are going to visit a church this week and we are sending the kids to Vacation Bible School there starting August 6th.

Nate and I also celebrated our 8th annivesary last Tuesday (the 24th). 8 years in unbelievable to me, it seems like just yesterday I was planning the wedding. Seems like just yesterday he proposed to me. Time really does fly!

Last night my friend Sara invited me to come down to the cities and meet up with her and La for lunch and a little scrapbook shopping. Nate was planning on just lounging around to watch the race so I decided to go. It was great hanging out and chatting and just having girl time! Thanks girls for a wonderful day! Here are my goodies:
I am still addicted to stamps and just can't stop buying them! I justify it by knowing that they will never go bad or out of style! :)
This week is supossed to be a warm one, maybe I'll fill up the pool and try for some new scrappin' pictures! Have a great week!


dawn said...

morning hun... so sorry about your loss... may she now be at peace... thinking of you all

-leafa mcbirdie said...

I'm jealous! -not only that you got such awesome stamps (I'm hooked on 'em too!)and goodies but that you got to spend the day shopping and hanging out with La and Sara! Glad you chicks had fun!