Monday, October 02, 2006

I can not believe it is October already!! Where does the time go??
Its fall, my birthday is coming, Halloween is right around the corner!

Well we had a SUPER busy, exciting weekend. We went down to the cities on both Saturday and Sunday to see the last of the regular season Twins games. We had free passes for games and got our tickets weeks ago, the kids (especially Noah) love going to the games. The Twins clinched a playoff spot earlier in the week so we were excited to see them play this weekend especially with a chance to win the division on the line! So many things had to happen though; we had to win, the Tigers had to lose.
Bottom line: The TWINS took the division!! It was SOOO exciting to be there and experience that! Noah got interviewed by KARE 11 television station and part of it was shown on the news last night. Such a big deal for the biggest little baseball fan I know!!

I got my first Design Team package in the mail on Friday and have to get to work on some things for that! How exciting!!

I could write more today but I have to much to do! Happy October everyone!


.jess. said...

Miss you too sweetie! Glad you had a good weekend! Cant wait to see your new DT creations!

Dawn said...

Are those DT creations rolling? Good for you chick :D

Becky Heisler said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! TOO cool that Noah got to be on the news !! A little supah star!!! :)