Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Nothing much happening around these parts! I am relaxing from our busy weekend!
Yesterday I spent the day with Ciaara at school. She was celebrating her birthday at school (there was no school on Friday or Monday and Thursday they celebrated Easter) I had tons of fun! The girls are so cute and wanted to sit by me and hold my hand and I had to draw them all a picture!

I also wanted to share some layouts..... I did these a while back but haven't shared them!
These first two are from sketchs on the Sketch This blog. They have some GREAT sketches!

This layout is a direct scrap-lift from Crystal Jeffrey Rieger -she is a Memory Makers Master and her layouts were in the magazine talking about scrap lifting yourself. I was in a slump when I read it and decided to scraplift her! :) I usually don't scraplift an exact layout-- I usually start and then go off on my own way but this time it all just fit so perfect I couldn't resist!
Thanks for reading!


.jess. said...

super duper cute cute layouts!!!!

monica said...

Great layouts Holly!

Shannon Schafer said...

Awesome layouts Holly!!!

btw, I tagged you on my blog! ;)

Paula Sealey said...

Beautiful layouts Holly!

Have a great weekendxx

Lala said...

Super cute Layouts!! Nice job!