Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Our world is forver changed yet again! How can one person, one crazy evil person take away our sense of security. I am scared for the world my children are growing up in! I am scared that they have to lose their innocence sooo quickly.
Today was a hard day for me........ Noah saw some stuff on the news about the school shooting. Yes I left the TV on and he started asking questions. It started out innocently and he even was talking about how he would kick and beat up a guy like that and all of a sudden it turned scary for him (I wasn't doing much talking at this point) and he started the hard questions..... are there bad guys like that in Wisconsin Mommy? Can that happen in my school? Why didn't those kids fight him, did they fight him?? Mommy, I thought God only made good people? (Questions that have all floated through my mind of the last couple of days.) He was very upset, he was crying and quite fidgety. I tried to answer his questions. I told him all people are born good and that they choose their own ways that this guy was mean and didn't have God in his heart. I told him that this is rare and not something for him to worry about. I reassured him that in every tragedy people learn things and that they will learn how to better protect schools and watch for people with these kind of problems.
My little guy is so smart and so full of concern and worry, he gets that from me.
I gave him extra attention and lots of love tonight and then I tucked in my sweet boy and wished him sweet dreams.

My heart and prayers go out to all the people who lived and died in this tragedy, all the familes left behind and for all of us sitting here with worried hearts.

God Bless!


.jess. said...

(((HUGS))) its not easy being a mommy at times like this

Paula Sealey said...

It is a scary world Holly. I watched that news report with horror, it's just so sad.

Heredia Family/Yvie said...

Trying to explain these terrible actions to such a little boy is hard. I think you did an incredible job.
((( Cyber HUGS)))