Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Anyone else having trouble adjusting to the time change??
I can't fall asleep at night, and I can't wake up in the morning---ARGH!!
I hope I can get used to it soon!

We had a WONDERFUL warm day today, it was over 60 degrees!!
I LOVE this weather and can't wait for it to warm up everyday!
The kids and I went for a walk after school, it was sooo nice
just to be out walking in the fresh air without jackets on.
We listened to sounds and smelled the air and talked about what
we liked about spring!

Our Scrap-tastic layout was due tonight, I got that up! I am very nervous
about it, it was a hard challenge for me. I will post the layout tomorrow and
let you know the results, cross your fingers for me!!

I'll leave you with a layout I finished a couple days back. I'm not a fan of hunting and
I hate seeing the poor dead animals (sorry to anyone else that doesn't like it) But I know
its going to be a part of Noahs life and he already enjoys it soo much! He really loved
this layout!


scrapperjen said...

LOVE that layout! Isn't the warm weather wonderful???
Hope you adjust soon!

Tonya said...

ugh, the time change kickd my butt too.
love those scallops on the LO and great colors too

Lala said...

Too cute.. love that page!! The trime change wasn;t so bad for me.. but I think it is because I travel so much that I am all over with time zones anyway!

Have a super weekend!


.jess. said...

i love that page!!!! the time change is still messing me up!!! how was your weekend???

dawn said...

Not adjusted our clocks yet, but know what you mean LOL... great LO Holly :)