Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Doodling? I am a natural doodler, so much so that my step dad has called me "Doodle" since I as a teenager. Any paper that was left on the table or anywhere in my reach would have my doodling all over it.

Why can't I doodle on a scrapbook page? I guess its fear lol I like my pages to be clean and perfect and doodling on them scares me, what if I goof it up?

Well I took a little of the fear out of it and used a Doodle Genie (template) and doodled on this page! I LOVE the result!!

If you haven't tried it yet, or are too nervous try one of these templates!

T-ball starts for Noah this week, just another thing to add to our week! lol We will have T-ball on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Soccer on Thursdays and Saturdays. BUSY BUSY!

Thanks for stopping by, Happy Tuesday!


Paula Sealey said...

Ooh, I did wonder about those templates Holly as I'm a useless doodler! I love what you've done with it, a fab layout!

Lala said...

I Kmnow the feeling about doodling.. why can't I do it?! LOL I love what you did with this doodle Genie though... Cool page!


Rebecca said...

Beautiful layout. I am terrified of doodling too.

dawn said...

morning hun... gorgeous LO... and once you start doodling on a LO - I bet you'll never stop LOL :D

Heredia Family/Yvie said...

Cool page! Love the doodling you did. I'm afraid to try and doodle.

Tonya said...

great doodles. i didn't know there was a template! maybe that will help me too