Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Its Wednesday!! I can not believe it is Memorial Day this weekend! I've been thinking about updating all week but really I have nothing to say lol Nothing much going on in my world!

Noah was sick last week, Nate was sick last week, We had to take Ciaara to the doctor because
she got stung by something on the forehead and it swelled up bigger then a quarter! was a busy busy week! Everything is back to normal this week!

Noah had his first T-ball game last night, we made it through one inning and it got rained out! He was really bummed out! Here is a picture of our T-ball guy.

We set up our Badmiton net this weekend and I wanted out of bounds lines otherwise there is always an agurement on whether its in or not (we are all competitive here) soo I came up with the idea of spray painting the lines (we will mow the paint off)--it turned out great!

I can't think of nothing else to report, I wish I had some scrapping pages to show off but honestly I haven't been scrapping!! I have all these new stamps sitting here waiting to be used and I just have no mojo--can anyone send me some?

Have a great Holiday weekend!


.jess. said...

awww the little man looks cute in his tball stuff! hope you guys have a good memorial weekend!

Heredia Family/Yvie said...

Hope you have a great Memorial week-end. Glad everyone is doing good now. Noah looks so cute in his uniform.

Denise said...

Hope you have a great weekend. And your little guy looks so cute in his pic!

Nicole said...

Have a great weekend Holly!:)
Noah looks so cute in his uniform.
What a great idea for Badminton lines . . . my inlaws can be just as competitive as well. LOL!

Lala said...

How adorable is he?? Hope you have a great weekend... glad everyone is back on the mend!


dawn said...

Hope all your poorly peeps are OK now hun - and that you can all have a great holiday w/e xx