Monday, September 18, 2006

I got these layouts done over the weekend! Noah sometimes tells me I do to many layouts of Ciaara and asks when I will do some of him. I think I am pretty even on layouts done but I do have to admit that sometimes girl layouts come easier for me. Its very easy to add a flower or lots of ribbon to Ciaara's pages. I feel like sometimes I have to be much more creative for Noah's.
I really like how the fishing one turned out-- It went together fairly easy. I used eyelets again after many months after being inspired by Nicole's use of eyelets!
I'm super happy I got some scrapping done over the weekend and may do some more tonight!


Nicole said...

Hee hee!
glad to see you pullin' those eyelets out. What did I start?!:)

Great layouts Holly!

Jess said...

great LOs girl! Nicole is such an enabler isnt she? :)

Sorry I missed ya last night - I was attempting sleep! ha!

Paula said...

Love the layouts Holly, they're gorgeous! I always get accused of doing more of one child than the other too:{!