Thursday, September 21, 2006

okay I admit it I am a baby! I HATE staying home alone-I hate when Nate goes away and he isn't here. It gives me comfort to know he is in the house and I sleep so much better. Sometimes I'm not sure why, I can drop and break a glass right next to him and he wouldn't wake up. Since he was going to Milwaukee, I asked my sister if she wanted to drive down and stay with me and she got the time off work! She stayed the last 2 nights and we had a great time. She wanted to make a scrapbook of her doggie so we started that. I snapped a picture of it before she left. I thought it was super cute! She is super excited and is really getting the hang of scrapping. We also made a few Halloween cards!
Thanks Melissa for staying with your big baby of a sister!


Nicole said...

I hate it when Brandon's gone! I never sleep soundly. That was so sweet of your sis to stay with you. Cute album!

Oh, BTW I tagged you!!:)

Jess said...

glad you and your sister had a good time! the album is cute!!!

i tagged you too! :) see my blog

Becky Heisler said...

Hey Holly.. I tagged you ! Check out my blog for details ! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Holly, I tagged you too !! ahaha I didn't know Jess did too, oh well you have come up with 10 weird things about yourself !! ahahahahahaha